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Research Area Development of fundamental knowledge Modelling and design of multifunctional materials
Project No. 013944
Project acronym: Nanophoto
Project Title NANOcrystalline silicon film for PHOTOvoltaic and optoelectroic applications
Instrument: STREP
Thematic Priority: NMP
Start Date of project: 1 June 2005

- NMP3-CT-2005-013944 - NANOPHOTO  
Nanocrystalline Si films to cut cost of optoelectronics
- Final NANOPHOTO Meeting - Introductory Notes  
Sergio Pizzini - Project Coordinator
- Final Meeting - Atomic-scale simulations of LEPECVD-grown ncSi film  
P.Novikov, F.Uhlik, M.Cogoni, F.Gemma, S.Cereda, F.Montalenti and L.Miglio
- Final Meeting - Plasma Reactor Model  
Maurizio Rondanini - Carlo Cavallotti
- Final Meeting - Atomistic Models  
L. Colombo - A. Mattoni
- Final Meeting - 2D Modeling - Gas Phase  
Maurizio Rondanini - Carlo Cavallotti
- Final Meeting - nc-Si Deposition  
G.Isella, D.Chrastina, T.Moiseev, D.Colombo, H.von Känel
- Final Meeting - Characterization  
Anna Cavallini
- Final Meeting - Prototyping  
Barbara Terheiden - Gabriel Micard

Martina Zanarini - Softec


Prof. Sergio Pizzini - University of Milano Bicocca
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