Scientific Presentations


- PVTECH 2005 - S. Pizzini et al.
Defect studies on silicon and silicon-germanium for PV and optoelectronic applications
- Poitiers 2006 - S. Pizzini et al.
Luminescence of dislocations and oxide precipitates in Si:
a search of the origin of the D1 luminescence
- Festkolloquium Prof. Strunk 2006 - S. Pizzini
From electronic to solar grade silicon:
a challenging promise
- Gadest 2007 - S. Pizzini et al.
Advances in structural, electrical and optoelectronic characterization of thin nanocrystalline silicon films for photovoltaic applications
- EDS 2008 - A. Cavallini et al.
Structural, Electrical and Optoelectronic Properties of Hydrogenated nc-Si
- LCES 2011 - S. Pizzini
Will remain crystalline silicon the material of choice for micro- and -optoelectronic applications?
- ICAM 2011 - S. Pizzini
Low cost, high efficiency solar cells: a review on their challenges and potentialities


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