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Sergio Pizzini is author of more than 250 technical papers published in international Journals with peer review.

He authored or co-authored four books.

- 1990 - S.Pizzini, F. Borsani, M. Acciarri
Effect of oxygen and carbon segregation
on the electrical properties of grain boundaries in silicon

Material Science and Engin. B4 (1990) 353
- 1990 - S.Pizzini, M. Acciarri
Effect of grain boundary segregation on
the transbarrier conductivity of polycrystalline silicon

MRS Proceed., Vol 182 (1990) 185
- 1990 - L.Meda, G.F.Cerofolini, C.Bresolin, R.Dierckx, D.Donelli, M.Orlandini, M.Anderle, R.Canteri, G.Ottaviani, R.Tonini, C.Claeys, J.Vanhellemont, S.Pizzini and S.Farina
State and evolution of hydrogen implanted silicon
in "Semiconductor Silicon '90"
H.R.Huff, K.G.Barreclought and Jun-ichi Chikawa, Eds, The Electrochemical Society, Pennington NJ, pp.456-471
- 1991 - S.Pizzini, N.Buttą, M.Acciarri
Surfaces and internal surface effects
in "Polycrystalline Semiconductors II"
J.H.Werner, H.P.Strunk edt pp. 178-189 Springer Verlag
- 1991 - S. Pizzini, M. Acciarri, S. Acerboni, S. Binetti, L. Tarchini
About the effect of the interaction of carbon and oxygen on the electrical activity of extended defects in crystalline silicon
in "Defects in silicon II"

W. Murray Bullis, U. Gosele, F. Shimura Ed.
The Electrochemical Society Vol 91-9 (1991) 155
- 1991 - S. Pizzini, M. Acciarri, S. Binetti
Spectroscopical and electrical evidences
about segregation effects in semiconductors
Solid State Phenomena 19-20 (1991) 479
- 1991 - S. Pizzini, M. Acciarri, S. Binetti, S. Acerboni
About the effect of impurity contaminations, processing and thermal annealing on the PV properties of polycrystalline silicon
Proceed.10th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference
8-12 April 1991 Lisbon. Portugal, p.670
- 1992 - S.Binetti, M. Acciarri, S. Acerboni, S. Pizzini
Interactions among point defects, oxygen and carbon in polycrystalline silicon
Vuoto XXII, (1992) 93
- 1992 - S.Binetti, M.Acciarri, S.Acerboni, S.Ferrari,
P.Granatieri, C.Savigni, S.Pizzini
Spectroscopical and Electrical Characterization of polycrystalline silicon materials for high efficiency solar cells
Proc. 11th Photovoltaic solar Energy Conf. Montreux(1992) 443-446
- 1993 - S. Pizzini, S. Binetti, M Acciarri, S. Acerboni
Interaction of oxygen, carbon and extended defects in silicon
Phys. Stat. Sol. (a) 138 (1993) 451
- 1993 - S.Binetti, S.Ferrari, M.Acciarri, S.Acerboni, R.Canteri, S.Pizzini
New evidences about carbon and oxygen segregation processes
in polycrystalline silicon
Solid State Phenomena, 32-33 (1993) 181
- 1994 - S. Pizzini, M. Acciarri, S. Binetti, S. Acerboni
Determination of the electronic structure of grain boundaries by energy resolved photoconductivity measurements
Materials Sci. Eng. B24 (1994) 159
- 1994 - M. Acciarri, C. Savigni, S. Binetti, S. Pizzini
Effect of local inhomogeneities on the electrical properties of polycrystalline silicon
Solid State Phenomena, 37-38 (1994) 219
- 1994 - S.Pizzini, M. Acciarri, S. Binetti, S. Acerboni, C. Savigni
Interaction of point and extended defects in silicon:
their influence on the polycrystalline silicon substrate quality
for high efficiency solar cells
Semiconductor Silicon 1994. The Electrochemical Society, (1994) 756
- 1994 - S.Binetti, S.Ratti, M.Acciarri, S.Pizzini
Study of different polycrystalline silicon materials:
effect of hydrogen and deuterium passivation
Proceeding of 12th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference
H. S. Stephens & Associated Publ. Amsterdam (1994) 709
- 1995 - S.Binetti, M.Acciarri, A. Brianza, C.Savigni, S.Pizzini
Effect of oxygen concentration on the diffusion length
in CZ and MCZ silicon
Material Sci. Techn. 11 (1995) 665
- 1995 - M. Acciarri, S. Binetti, S. Ratti, C. Savigni, S. Pizzini,
F. Ferrazza, D. Margadonna
Study and conditioning of defected areas in
Eurosil multycrystalline silicon
Proc. of the 13th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference
 1995 Nizza (Francia) 1336
- 1996 - C.Savigni, M.Acciarri, S.Binetti, S.Pizzini
About a novel gettering procedure for multicrystalline silicon samples
Solid State Phenomena 51-52 (1996) 485
- 1996 - S.Binetti, M.Acciarri, C.Savigni, A.Brianza, S.Pizzini, A.Musinu
Effect of nitrogen contamination by crucible encapsulation on polycrystalline silicon material quality
Materials Sci. Eng. B36 (1996) 68
- 1996 - S. Binetti, M. Acciarri, I. Gelmi, S. Pizzini
About the electrical and structural properties of erbium thermally diffused in single crystal silicon
MRS. Proc. Vol. 422 (1996) 87
- 1996 - M. Acciarri, S. Binetti, M. Garavaglia, S. Pizzini
Detection of junction failures and other defects in silicon and III-V devices using the LBIC technique in lateral configuration
Material Science Eng. B42 (1996) 208
- 1997 - S. Binetti, S. Basu, C. Savigni, M. Acciarri, S. Pizzini
Passivation of extended defects in silicon by catalytically dissociated molecular hydrogen
Journal de Physique III 7 (1997) 1487
- 1997 - S. Pizzini, M. Acciarri, S. Binetti, D. Narducci, C. Savigni
Recent achievements in semiconductor defect passivation
Material Science Eng. B45 (1997) 126
- 1997 - M.Acciarri, V.Longoni, S.Pizzini, F.Ferrazza
Determination of the compensation ratio and its effect on the electrical properties in multicrystalline silicon for solar cells production
Proc. of the 14th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference 1997 Barcellona (Spagna) 754
- 1998 - M. Acciarri, S. Spadoni, G. Barbi, S. Pizzini
Determination of the surface recombination velocity and of its evolution in monocrystalline silicon by the Light Beam Induced Current technique in planar configuration
Solid State phenomena 63-64 (1998) 123
- 1998 - A.Cavallini, B.Fraboni, S.Pizzini
Deep levels in Er-doped liquid phase epitaxy grown silicon
Appl. Phys. Lett. 72 (1998) 488
- 1999 - A.Cavallini, B.Fraboni, S.Pizzini, S.Binetti, S.Sanguinetti, L.Lazzarini, G.Salviati
Electrical and optical characterization of Er-doped silicon
grown by liquid phase epitaxy
J.Appl. Phys. 85 (1999) 1582
- 1999 - A.Castaldini, D.Cavalcoli, A.Cavallini, S.Pizzini, E.Susi
Electrical characterization of as-grown
and thermally treated 8” silicon wafers
Solid State Phenomena 69-70 (1999) 143
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